This website is about my journey into photography.

Seeing life through a lens.


I started around 2011 when I was looking for an interest outside of work. By chance I went to an exhibition run by the local photographic society in the village where I live. After talking to some of the members they encouraged me to come along to one of their sessions. I took the plunge and I joined the society.

Up until then I was a happy holiday snapper using a compact camera. I ventured forward into the world of digital SLR cameras. Not knowing what I was doing and a limited budget I purchased a Sony A290. What do I do now all these buttons to press. The next step I took was to go on a couple of one day basic digital SLR courses. I now had a little more knowledge which gave me the confidence to go out and experiment. After around 18 months I upgraded to a Sony A57. With the help from the members of the photographic society I am starting to understand the skills required to take a good photograph. Where once I would have just snapped away I now stand back and look at what is around me. Ok I have a long way to go and a lot to learn but the journey is an enjoyable one. Photography is something you can enjoy on your own or with like minded people. There is always something to learn. My challenge is to take the best photographs I can with the equipment I have. After all it is the person behind the camera that takes the photograph, the camera is just the tool to help you achieve the goal, so they tell me. Join me on my journey.